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434Moscore QMSupportFeedbackNormalLittle T is trying to setup scoreboard on new computerWalter Pate10/23/2021 06:56 PM
433Moscore QMSupportIn ProgressNormalcustomer could not access current race filesWalter Pate09/05/2021 06:04 PM
432Moscore QMSupportNewNormalGSQMRC is having issues with their new computer not displaying 'Back of pack' and 'cars with Strike' in the new lineup generationWalter Pate09/05/2021 07:46 PM
431Moscore QMSupportNewNormalMCQMRC may need help setting up web scoreboard on new club computerWalter Pate08/24/2021 04:00 PM
430Moscore QMSupportIn ProgressNormalcustomer wants to know if Moscore can print 5 laps of qualifyingWalter Pate07/29/2021 05:59 AM
428Moscore QMBugResolvedHighMoscore Results not workingJamie Pate08/15/2021 01:32 AM
427Moscore QMBugIn ProgressUrgentWebsite is downJamie Pate07/24/2021 05:37 PM
426Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalWQMA tower head had issues running Moscore-QMWalter Pate07/09/2021 12:55 AM
425Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalSCQMC has issues connecting to TranxWalter Pate07/05/2021 05:05 PM
424Moscore QMSupportIn ProgressNormalLWQMA purchased a used CH 9001-11 Daktronics scoreboard and can not get it to workWalter Pate05/15/2021 09:01 PM
423Moscore QMSupportIn ProgressHighGSQMRC needs updates and Overview for setting up their WebScoreboardWalter Pate06/13/2021 01:02 AM
422Moscore QMBugNewNormalunassigned transponder window can not be recovered after closingJamie Pate05/08/2021 07:19 PM
421Moscore QMSupportNewNormalBQMRC MD Training sessionWalter Pate05/08/2021 04:59 PM
420Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalLittle T has issue with networkingWalter Pate04/23/2021 11:34 PM
419Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalMoscore opened and showing Instance 2 on title bar BQMRCWalter Pate04/13/2021 10:39 PM
418Moscore QMSupportIn ProgressNormalMCQMRC is changing out computer and wants advice on new setupWalter Pate04/08/2021 12:33 AM
417Moscore QMBugNewNormalCant create second heats for indoor raceJamie Pate02/28/2021 10:04 PM
416Moscore QMBugNewNormalthe 12 car does not show up on the Print Forms/Grids/Mains/ Mains Scoresheet formJamie Pate02/27/2021 05:40 AM
415Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalTHQMA reports trouble with Moscore -QM running on the Media resources scoreboard Walter Pate07/29/2020 01:38 AM
414Moscore QMSupportFeedbackNormalBQMRC can not generate their mainsWalter Pate07/17/2020 07:40 PM
413Moscore QMSupportFeedbackNormalTHQMA asked if the race time limit can be removed from the scoreboard during a raceWalter Pate07/11/2020 04:23 PM
412Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormallaptop can not connect to scoreboard and Tranx Walter Pate01/07/2021 07:13 PM
411Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormal2020 subscription key did not workWalter Pate07/06/2020 03:53 PM
410Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalSCQMC daktronics scoreboard does not connect (after Windows Update )Walter Pate07/06/2020 02:56 PM
409Moscore QMSupportResolvedNormalTHQMA reports trouble starting the Media resources scoreboard (after windows update)Walter Pate07/06/2020 02:58 PM

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