Release #129

Version 1.3.21 BETA release

Added by Jamie Pate over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:08/04/2012
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Target version:1.3.21


Please download the new beta release here

(or if you have already installed a release from the 1.3.x series you can download the smaller installer)

If you are having trouble with the download being corrupt, please try these alternate links

===== changelog ====== (since #82)
fixed odd numbered last race not printing in 'regular lineup sheets'
re-arranged 2nd row on qualifying page so that it anchors to the right
and there are no controls near the green/checkered flag buttons
changed Baud rate to display correct rate (locked at 19200) for Daktronics Horizontal scoreboard
updated RaceEditor
added experimental 'large screen' mode (which may become the default)
added auto-show of 'enter finish' box when the race has no finish
moved 'add driver' list to left side instead of top
sorted drivers by last name refs #121 (3)
changed get transfers and send transfers so they are only available when there are transfer positions open in the target race
*IMPORTANT* this means there must be a (transfer) or (alternate) position in the target race with NO DRIVER in order to send or get transfers!
now able to use the 'enter' key when entering results
added 'remove positions' button and changed behavior of 'remove drivers' button
remove drivers button only removes the driver, not the entire position
added check for 'changes' before canceling and prompts user if they want to save
(right clicking on a race to view it in the race editor is considered a 'change' for this test)

changed the size of the text box for the results entry
fixed transponder table to not accept null values
fixed bug where classic 2up grids printout was mixing heat and main grids
fixed error when setting enum values in event format editor
fixed problem storing registration key
fixed issue populating race grid between heats and mains
added beta and subscription info to title bar
added toggle for export to excel feature (tab crashes when excel is not installed)
new printing engine based on html
added 'Advanced View' to event format editor
fixed #85 can't change transfer counts
fixed #99 export for does not work
fixed #95 database backup option sometimes disabled
fixed #81 text in keys tab specified 'demo mode' button that no longer exists


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