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Is it possible to have moscore automatically assign judging for the races during the event by who signs in that day?


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We have had several requests for a module like this, but this is the first request using our development site. Thank you Jenn. I have added the head scorer's name to the follow list because this is a module that would help all Quarter Midget clubs and we would like detailed input from the users as to what they would like to see.
We also have signed up a new programmer who can oversee projects like this. Steve is well versed with the Delphi programming language that Moscore uses. Our team will meet to discuss this project and plan for a quote and would like your wish list of what how you want to draw names from a judges list (rules on who can judge and who can't, and who would be exempt because they are flagging or cornering)

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Jenn Bloch to
27 Jan
We'd like to see the drivers entered into Moscore into their appropriate classes and the system tell us who's free to judge what races. As far as flagging/cornering I'd think that we'd have a work around for that as everyone in the club takes turns cornering and flagging is it's own committee but judging is mandatory by ALL drivers that day.

Approximately how much longer will this take - I believe I've had my request in now for approx a month..

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Some questions about this proposed feature:

  • You say that judging is manditory for all drivers. By this do you mean that the drivers are actually doing the judging, or the handlers/parents associated with the drivers?
  • If handlers/parents would you just want to add a list of names for each driver?
  • Would the list be attached to the driver or the race registration for each event?
  • Do you wish to see the list of available judges:
  • A) printed on the line-up sheet
  • B) displayed on the race scoring screen for each race
  • C) both
  • How many judges would need to be displayed for each race?
  • All eligible judges?
  • 3 or 5 randomly picked eligible judges?
  • Should judges be removed from subsequent races if they have actually judged a race?
  • How many races should be left as a buffer between a race the judge is involved in and one they are judging?
  • If a judge does not come up in the rotation one weekend, should they be assigned as a higher priority the next weekend?

Until we have a more detailed picture of the feature that you want, it is impossible to quote an estimated cost. Once we have a clear picture of the requirements we can move forward with this feature.

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