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Assigning Transponders per race grid number

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Feature Request/Question #2
I'm trying to understand how the transponder set up works. The way we normally do it is that we have 3 sets of transponders, A, B, and C. We don't assign each kid a transponder, we assign the races in A-B-C-A-B-C order. So the poll of the first race is A1, the poll of the second race is B1. Each car uses the transponder letter that's assigned to their race, and their transponder number is their spot in the lineup. Is that something moscore can do? They always assign transponders manually, and I wasn't sure if it was because they had to, or if it was because no one understood how to do it automatically. If moscore can't currently do this, could I get an estimate on adding it?

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Just adding a note, the key part here is that I have transponder sets, in this case A, B, and C. But I guess there could be more or less. But I'd like a way to say that I just want whatever groups i have to alternate in a repeating pattern through the race schedule, so that no two races in a row are ever using the same transponder. If they could also be auto assigned the number that went with their lineup order, that would be great, but we could probably live without that. As long as we could just get the groups to assign to the right races.

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I recently attended the Region 9 2016 PQMRA Region race and witnessed how stressful it is to assign transponders to cars now that they have taken away the warmup laps.
I would like to make a suggestion on how you could register your transponders in the transponder list so it would be easier to figure out what car to assign a transponder to.
  • MyLaps cases hold 24 transponders
  • Each Club has at least one case
  • QMA clubs race up to 11 cars
  • USAC clubs run up to 12 cars
  • Large races usually require sharing transponder sets
    What I am proposing is that each club edit their transponder list to have the transponders entered as follows:
    MyLaps transponder(in case) Transponder Code Transponder Name ====================================================================================
    1 xxxxxxx (tsp code) 011(then club Initial)
    2 (tsp code) 012(then club initial)
    3 (tsp code) 021(then club initial)
    4 (tsp code) 022(then club initial)
    5 (tsp code) 031(then club initial)
    6 (tsp code) 032(then club initial)
    7 (tsp code) 041(then club initial)
    8 (tsp code) 042(then club initial)
    9 (tsp code) 051(then club initial)
    10 (tsp code) 052(then club initial)
    11 (tsp code) 061(then club initial)
    12 (tsp code) 062(then club initial)
    13 (tsp code) 071(then club initial)
    14 (tsp code) 072(then club initial)
    15 (tsp code) 081(then club initial)
    16 (tsp code) 082(then club initial)
    17 (tsp code) 091(then club initial)
    18 (tsp code) 092(then club initial)
    19 (tsp code) 101(then club initial)
    20 (tsp code) 102(then club initial)
    21 (tsp code) A11(alternative 11)
    22 (tsp code) A12(alternative 12)
    23 (tsp code) A13(alternative 13)
    24 (tsp code) A14(alternative 14)

The reason for this scheme is:
1) the transponder name on all cars that are in the 1 position in a race will start with 01
2) the transponder name on all cars that are in the 2 position in a race will start with 02
3) the transponder name on all cars that are in the 3 position in a race will start with 03
all cars with
... and all the way thru the line up,
4)cars 11 or 12, or replacing a defective transponder in a race will be assigned A11 , A12,A13,or A14

5) once the transponders list is created in this manner the transponder search in a race will be much easier for the the searh engine to find the missing transponder.
every car that has a number one on on the track should identify with transponder 011 or 012 , every car with a number 2 on it should identify as Transponder 021 or 022 etc. or they should have an Alternate transponder
6) it will be easier for the person in the pits to hand out transponder because the car number will relate to the transponder to be assigned.
I will create some samples of this scheme and post them on this issue later today

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added samples

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here is another sample

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