Bug #291

White flag can change to checkered by a discarded passing.

Added by Jamie Pate about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:07/10/2016
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Category:Race scoringSpent time:3.50 h
Target version:1.3.36


Even if a passing is too quick or has a low hits/strength reading and is discarded, it would still trigger a checkered flag whenever the white flag was selected.


#1 Updated by Walter Pate about 6 years ago

During the LQMA Points race 4 July 9 b main event I pressed the white flag to mark one lap to go. just as the lead car crossed the Coax cable burried on the back straight, Moscore-QM automatically switched to Checkered flag (approximately 3 seconds after the leader took the white flag. That reading should have been discarded.
This type of event was not observed at the Portland track where the loop wire was buried deeper

see July 9 2016.mbk on Google drive I will provide link (start of Mains, before race data dissapeared)


#2 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

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On most tracks this is not an issue. The LQMA track however has a shallow loop wire so readings are constantly being recorded on the back straight.
Awaiting feedback from test at the LQMA track

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