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Customer could not generate a 2 heat race

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Customer had issues trying to generate a 2 heat race


#1 Updated by Walter Pate almost 6 years ago

I had the customer send us a copy of the database so we could analyze it and how he set up the races.
Found some minor entry's in the classes setup needed to change to conform to Class structures.
He had the format set to Qualifying time clock
the first heat was fastest cars to front based on qualifying,
and second heat was fastest to the back based on qualifying
When he generated the grids it put both heats fastest to front.
Upon analyzing it I noticed that he did not enter any qualifying times, so it set up the heats based on a zero qualifying.
When I entered qualifying times manually for all drivers, both heat races generated as the format setup specified.
After conferring with the customer about the solution he stated that he did not actually do time clock qualifying at all so I explained he should have it set for random draw and manually edit or enter the draw number at registration time and it would do what he wanted

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awaiting feedback from customer

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