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Customer reporting that races created with her format are incorrect

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Customer is trying to create a format but can not get the race lineups to match what she wants

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I've been seeing a problem where Moscore can't correctly create the Main grids for me from qualifying results. No option I've explored has helped to fix it.

I am including screenshots of the times for my mock race, of my event format options of how to set up the main events, and the grid that is created by Moscore.

I'm expecting the Main grids to be created by taking the fastest (max cars - transfers) and put them in A-Main, inverted, then taking the next (max cars - transfers) and put them in B-Main, inverted, and so on until the numbers of cars remaining can fit into a single main, with the fastest (max cars - transfers) of that Main being inverted. This is definitely not what I am getting. The version I have is 1.3.34. and this event format is set up to have no heats. Is there a setting I'm getting wrong somewhere?

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The screenshots you sent did not come thru in my email.
The best way for us to analyze your issue is for you to send us a copy of your database with details on the particular race format that you are having troubles with.
Also we do have Team Viewer so we can do a remote connection to your computer and work with you if you want to book a time with us.

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Jamie was able to forward me the images that you sent.
Because a Format setup is complicated the images that you sent were not adequate for us to fully diagnose your problem.
We do not see your Qualifying Setup or Heat setup.
The Event Format Overview would also be a helpful page to see. This can be printed from the Event Format page
We do however suspect that on of the reasons is your Tie Breaker setup in the Mains panel.
This is why we request you send us a copy of your database for analysis.
To do that you would go to Tools/Backup\Export/Backup Database
Save the database to a file location then email it to us.
Another way we could assist you diagnose it is with a TeamViewer connection to your computer

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Please see attached database. The event I used for testing is called 1 Test, it should only have 13 drivers registered.

Note from Walter:... I have edited this database by deleting old races in order to overcome the size restriction for uploading to Redmine

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In analyzing the customers database we found the Qualifying setup had Random Draw set up as the Qualifying mode in the Event Format panel.The race generator then setup races based on a random draw.
The customer race format however needed a Time Clock Qualifying method. When we changed the setting from Random Draw to the Time Clock option in the Qualifying, the customers race grid generated as expected.
I called the customer to explain the results and she agreed that that is what she wanted to see. She did say that the prompts on the Qualifying page seemed to be confusing to her and thought the wording could be different.
I let her know that I would mark this issue as resolved , then change the Status to awaiting customer feedback where she could submit wording that she thinks Quartermidget tower administrators would feel more comfortable with.

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We are now awaiting feedback on how the users (Tower Administrators) would like to see commonly acceptable wording on how to describe what is required to set up a race grid (timeclock,Random draw,Points,Previous race)

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This issue comes from having confusing UI. The term "Qualifying" for us means the portion of the race event where the cars are on the track logging official "On Clock" times. I've not yet met another scorekeeper/tower head who use the term to refer to how the first set of grids are created.

The rest of the tabs in the Event Format Editor are labeled such that the options presented in them reflect only those settings relating to the tab names; eg, the "Heats" tab contains only options relating to how the heat races are set up, and the "Mains" tab contains only options relating to how the main races are set up. As a user, I do not expect that the "Qualifying" tab to have settings that do not relate only to how the qualifying portion of the races are set up.

Since the setting is asking about how the first sets of grids are to be set up, I would expect this to either be in the options in the Heats and Mains tabs or a separate tab (Intro?), asking where the source should come from.

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