Bug #316

X2 decoder options do not clear

Added by Walter Pate over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:03/08/2017
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Target version:1.3.38


When testing Ver 1.3.38 I found that when you change from X2 Decoder to TranX decoder, the settings for the X2 do not clear creating an access violation

X2 options not clearing.jpg (33.2 KB) Walter Pate, 03/08/2017 01:27 AM

access violation when switching from TCP to X2 decoder.jpg (152 KB) Walter Pate, 03/08/2017 01:27 AM

unassigned transponder list.jp2 (36.1 KB) Walter Pate, 03/08/2017 01:28 AM


#1 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

Here are some screen capture images. I am trying to do tests on the ver 1.3.38 beta using WQMA race 5 from 2015.
I have found that the race format was not set correctly so I altered the Format to reflect how the user set up the race. (User did not have heat races selected in race format, but the database showed they actually ran heat races)
I did a preliminary test using the X2 decoder then tried to switch back to the tranX decoder ( Connection type TCP) and got an access violation (see image downloads) The Connection Type setup showed that the TCP was selected, but when you went to Options the X2 Options were displayed, and the X2 transponders started showing in the Unassigned transponder box

#2 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

Restarted Moscore, Checked settings , Settings show Connection Type TCP, Options show Tranx set to loopback, Then turn Tranx ON and look at Options , Options has changed to X2 Settings not Tranx Loopback settings

#3 Updated by Jamie Pate over 5 years ago

Please reattach unassigned transponder list.jp2 (should be JPG?)

#4 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

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I just found out that my laptop had ver 1.3.37 beta installed, not ver1.3.38 please ignore this issue..my bad

#5 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

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The race Format was set to No Heats but in Tools\Edit Races, Heat races were generated, in Heat Race scoring showed the heat races but no TranX data for heats . Then I observed that Tools\Edit Races\Heat Races 1-14 did not have any data entered for Results. These Heat races should have been deleted in the Edit Races page. This information is just for user support

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Tested OK on three computers in demo mode and with Valid subscriptions

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