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request for Programming for a Daktronics RGB display

Added by Walter Pate over 3 years ago.

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Walter. Do you have a cost to get my score board working?

Christina Beitler Healy
Kayla, Blake, Owen, Madeline & Jackson's Mom

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To: jon <>; Jamie Pate M.O.S.Co. <>; Region 05 Chris Walster I-70 QMA <>; USAC Christina Healy HQMA Maryland <>
Sent: Mon, Aug 15, 2016 5:16 pm
Subject: Moscore-QM at Hagerstown

Hi Jon,

Earlier this year Christina Beitler Healy emailed our company regarding
your scoreboard and our Moscore-QM software.
On July 29th I dropped into your track to to see your Daktronics
scoreboard and see if our software would be compatible.
We found out that it was a RGB version display (Red Green Blue) and
although we do have some of the code for that display type in our
software it hasn't yet been totally been implemented or tested.
That night I did however connect to it through some test software that I
had and created some advertising .
Can you get back to me to reaffirm your interest in purchasing a
Moscore-QM software license and we will then proceed to write the update
for a Daktronics RGB display.

Walter Pate
Maximum Overdrive Software Company
phone 1-604 576-6631

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