Bug #381

THQMA can not get lap times to display on their WebScoreboard when in Qualifying mode

Added by Walter Pate almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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THQMA called regarding qualifying times not displaying on webscoreboard when in qualifying mode


#1 Updated by Walter Pate almost 4 years ago

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I went over how to get qualifying to display on the webscoreboard with Brian but we could not test properly because their race is in progress.
I did a test on my laptop and Qualifying times do show up on webscoreboard as designed.
I will connect to the THQMA computer Via TeamViewer some time after their race is concluded to test scenarios

#3 Updated by Jamie Pate almost 4 years ago

Tweaked directives.js to change the mAutoScroll directive to scroll in 3000ms instead of 10000ms


#4 Updated by Walter Pate almost 4 years ago

After doing remote tests with the Webscoreboard when in Batch qualifying mode it seems the issue is caused by the fact that the countdown clock is not being displayed when in qualifying mode.
The default setting for the Qualifying Countdown clock to appear on the scoreboard is 1 min 50/100 seconds
the user THQMA set their Batch Qualifying to 2 minutes
This means that the qualifying countdown clock is supposed to appear on the scoreboard shortly after the session timer is started
When the user tried to clear scoreboard to get a lap time after the coundown clock is supposed to start the scoreboard will only display 00:000 for a lap time.

In the design phase of the Batch qualifying feature the specification was that Qualifying sessions would have a variable time with a 5 second default time.
This time gives the racers to do laps and allows them to come to the pits to tune the car. Also if cars were involved in an incident during qualifying where the car needs repairs this gives time for repairs. The Qualifying countdown clock was set to display at a variable time (1:50 default time with setting controls in Tools/Options) Displaying the diminishing time on the scoreboard gives the handler an indicator of time left to possibly do last minute changes.

By setting the Tools/Options countdown clock setting(use the slider ) to 0:00 the lap times for all cars will display to the end of session as required

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