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HQMA is trying to start their new scoreboard

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HQMA connected their scoreboard can send messages but now want to connect to Moscore-Qm


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When Ken first called I asked them to Install Teamviewer so I could connect to their computer.
They called back after Teamviewer was installed and I checked the moscore settings out.
They still had Program Data file hidden so we changed settings to allow me to see that they did not have the new scoreboard Test v4 directory setup.
Created Scoreboard testv4 directory and had moscore webscoreboard setting point to it.
Could not connect to scoreboard with Moscore
They were using a tethered connection for data so we dropped off Teamviewer and switched back to HQMA's local lan(no internet)
I noticed some of the Media Resources Vision IQ icons were not present on the task bar like they were in THQMA
I asked if they did the setup with Media Resources and they said no.
Everything was setup with Moscore but I was not sure if VIQ software was setup correctly
we did eventually get the Webscoreboard window to open in chrome but it would not display Moscore data
I did some calls to Media Resources and eventually got ahold of Kevin in Engineering. He asked some questions and it was determined that HQMA started the Kplayer in Asynchronous mode , not Synchronous mode.
After switching the controller to synchronpous mode we could not get the WebScoreboard window to appear.
I asked Shaun to reset the computer , and after he did it connected to moscore.
It seems that HQMA bypassed the step where they were supposed to contact Oleg at Media Resources to do the initial setup of the scoreboard (Oleg is out of the country right now), then call us to setup Moscore.
They do not have the addon files with the Moscore-QM logo,Media Resources logo and the Thunderhill video that Oledg would have given them.
Ken will call Oleg on Monday for further setup from Media Resources.
After we signed off with Kevin, I gave Ken an overview of how the scoreboard worked and how the MSQM Webserver worked as well as answered some of his questions.
They are racing Friday night (June 8) so I am awaiting Feedback

Note the Media resources KPlayer has to be set to Synchronous mode

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