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HQMA scoreboard will not start after Windows update

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Greg from SJQMA called for HQMA MD to say their Media Resources scoreboard was not working


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Greg from SJQMA was trying to assist HQMA MD to get their scoreboard to work. He was not familiar with the Webscoreboard archetecture.
HQMA does not have internet connection so I could not connect withntheir computer
Greg and I talked breifly on the phone and went over some scoreboard setups on their computer
All the settings apperared to be correct
I asked him to try and open the webscoreboard thru the browser but it gave a could not connect error
Greg had to get to his racing and I could not reach him again that day.
I continued to try and contact him but no answer

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HQMA_MD scoreboard is the same as the THQMA scoreboard
I first checked with Greg to confirm his settings and that he had the correct URL in the browser
Then he had to go racing
He called me back at 3:06 pm
He set up a teamviewer connection with a tether on his cellphone
I tried to connect to the webscoreboard with localhost:8081 and received a connection error
I opened Tools/Options/Keys and re-enterd the webscoreboard key
I opened scoreboard/configurations/settings and deselected webscoreboard
I opened scoreboard and turned off the scoreboard
Next I turned off moscore-qm
Then restarted Moscore-QM and started the webscoreboard again (reselected webscoreboard in settings)
Then I opened the webbrowser and entered localhost:8081 and the webscorboard started
Then greg opened the monitor that was displaying the scoreboard and the scoreboard was displaying the data.
It appears that when Wndows does an update it makes a change of state somewhere in the network (it also happens with com port connected scoreboards) If the user does not turn off the scorboard in the scoreboard control before a Windows Update then turn it back on after the update it appears the scoreboard connection is not toggled properly in Moscore-QM

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it seems that third party updates changes the assignments of i/o ports within Windows so the users have to reset Moscore by turning off the scoreboard using Moscore controls, restarting moscore , then turning the scoreboard back on.

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