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THQMA reports trouble starting the Media resources scoreboard (after windows update)

Added by Walter Pate about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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THQMA's accesss to their scoreboard stoped working, possibly after a recent Windows update


#1 Updated by Walter Pate about 2 years ago

I connected with thqma computer with teamviewer and checked the connections AOK
I opened tools/options/keys and re-entered the Webscoreboard key
tower staff said that they normally toggle between messages and the webscorboard using the PL button.
I tried toggling the button, and the VIQPlayer but could not stop the messages from running
This made me think that the media resources K player may have communication issues and suggested they contact Brian hoads, or Media Resources.
Note we were sucessful in getting the HQMA scorboard to work by disabling the webscorboard in the scoreboard configuration, then turning off the scorboard in Moscore, then restarting moscore , reconfigure the webscoreboard,then turning on the scoreboard(moscore Controls)
Their system configuration however uses only one computer to run moscore-QM and the scoreboard.
It seems that a windows update shuts down some services like com ports and netork hardware, then update, then turns back on those services and possibly changing internal settings that caus hardware to act irregularly till manualy reset

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waiting for thqma to report back

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it seems that third party updates changes the assignments of i/o ports within Windows so the users have to reset Moscore by turning off the scoreboard using Moscore controls, restarting moscore , then turning the scoreboard back on.

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