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SCQMC daktronics scoreboard does not connect (after Windows Update )

Added by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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SCQMC called for help getteing their cscoreboard to work. Possibly stopped working after Windows update


#1 Updated by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago

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customer called with issues connecting to the scoreboard (after Windows update).
I connected with the customer computer using teamviewer to test
The scoreboard was activated in Moscore
I checked the com port settings and they appeared to be ok
The customers computer did have a Windows activation message (this seems to be happening more often with Windows and I am not sure why)
I turned on the scoreboard simulator and it did not seem to want to display the scoreboard
Closed simulator,
turned off the scorboard in the scoreboard menu
restarted the computer
turned on the scoreboard and it worked.
There seems to be a change of state happening with a windows update that triggers a fault in the moscore qm program
SCQMC was happy to see their scoreboard working

#2 Updated by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago

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it seems that third party updates changes the assignments of i/o ports within Windows so the users have to reset Moscore by turnibg off the scoreboard using Moscore controlls, restarting moscore , then turning the scoreboard back on.

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