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laptop can not connect to scoreboard and Tranx

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when called about issue 411(2020 club key does not work on towers admin computer) the customer wanted us to assist in connecting laptop computer
time 9:16 am pst


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customer requested assistance to get the laptop connected to scoreboard, then added connecting the tower computer to the scoreboard and Tranx.
on the laptop I did the simple add of known adresses into moscore and it did not connect, getting asychronous socket error with Tranx and system error 87 on scoreboard.
I explained to the customer that the issue appears to be a local area network issue, not a Moscore-QM issue and reminded them that the subscription agreement states that additional billing would apply if they wanted us to work further on the network issue. Danielle from BQMRC (and SJQMA) agreed to the billing.
It took a while to analize the network connections using Teamviewer as I was not on site and relied on the local techs description of the setup. it appeared to be a dual network with a router, switch and wireless connections.The local tech had no records of network architecture aor ip addresses.
While doing this we were downloading the latest Moscore updates for the Tower computer using the a phone hotspot, the same one that we were talking on.
we found that the laptop had an unsubscribed version of McAffe running on it and Danielle requested that it be removed.
when Mcaffe uninstall was completed the laptop wanted to be reset. We agreed that we would terminate our conversation on the phone to speed up the download then restart the laptop and the local tech would then call me back. terminated first call at 12:30 pst
BQMRC tech called back at 1:22 pst
I tried several times to initiate a connection to the scoreboard and tranx on the laptop and always got the same network errors despite the fact that I could ping the corresponding ip addresses of each piece of hardware even with the Windows firewall turned off.
the tech and I agreed to remove the router from the network and just connect directly to the switch. this did not change the no connection status. I then decided to see if I could connect using the tower computer.
First i updated the computer to v 1.3.52 then turned off all firewall connections
The tower computer connected to the scoreboard and the tranx. everything worked fine
We were already 5 hours into trouble shooting and I suggested that BQMRC use the tower computer to score with and take the laptop to a local tech that can diagnose the network card and setup on the laptop computer. It would be better with hands on diagnosis not a remote diagnosis.
additional sugestions... the tower computers Bios battery should possibly be replaced as that is possibly why the clock was set wrong.
Also the laptop may need the network card replaced, or purchase a usb ethernet adapter to replace the onboard network card
not resolving this issue yet, waiting for a callback from the user

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The customer called in a local computer technician to check out their network and they restarted their system and it worked properly at that time

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