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THQMA asked if the race time limit can be removed from the scoreboard during a race

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Is there a way to NOT have a race countdown time display on the scoreboard? Our races time out at 20 minutes; however, we'd rather the time that is left NOT be displayed on the scoreboard. I've been looking through the reference book, but I have yet to find the answer there. Thank you for your help.

Heather Wallace
Tower Director, THQMA


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If you set the race countown clock to zero it won't count down.

on the heats or mains race page, in the Time Limit counter, use the down arrow to bring the time clock setting to zero.

Walter Pate

#2 Updated by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago

Okay thank you. I figured it had to be a little bit more complicated than that.

Ok. So the downside is that we use the 20 minute time limit upstairs to keep track of time, but changing it to zero so it doesn't show on the scoreboard won't allow us to do that.

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after talking with Jamie on the subject we agreed that the customer could edit the Race.HTML template and remove the line


This would remove the clock from the scoreboard and allow them to have the time clock on the screboard

I called Heather and explained it and she was going to make the changes

awaiting feedback

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