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GSQMRC is having issues with their new computer not displaying 'Back of pack' and 'cars with Strike' in the new lineup generation

Added by Walter Pate 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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Hi Shawn, I have started an issue here on our bug tracking site regarding the topic matter you called about on Aug 23 2021
I order for us to go further on this we would like you to use the Moscore-QM tracking site and enter a detailed description of what you are seeing as an issue.
#Please provide photos of what you are seeing on your computer screen
#particular race class and number of the conflicted race
#a backup copy of the database you are using

When you use the edit menu item on issue 432 you can fill in the information.
When we receive the necessary information we can go about and analyze this issue


#1 Updated by Anonymous 9 months ago

Happened after adding web scoreboard.
Happens in all races.
Used to be you mark dot then strikes and it marked them like that
Now it just marks them in race order.

#2 Updated by Walter Pate 9 months ago

Shawn we were waiting for you to provide the requested samples of the issue that you are experiencing with the webscoreboard
In the meantime I setup a race and tested with the web scoreboard.
In the test sample I did everything worked as designed. when I marked a 'DOT' the car went to the back then I marked a 'Strike' that car was placed behind the 'DOT' car.
If I wanted to place the "dot 'car behind the 'Strike'car I could place that cars number at the back of the lineup in the scoreboard panel and it would display properly.

Shawn, there may be some issues with your Moscore database which would require us to once again use Teamveiwer to analyze your database and software integrity. Please get in touch with us to arrange a time where we can do a detailed analysis of your Moscore install.

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