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Moscore QM03/22/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #369: Customer needs support to connect to New Media Resources Web based ScoreboardConnected with customer computer in Terre Haute3.50
Moscore QM03/26/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #278: CIQMC could not activate Pylon scoreboard with new Laptop and Windows 10Customer needed assistance setting up new computer3.50
Moscore QM03/15/2016Walter PateDevelopmentBug #275: moscore.com/media/Moscore_QM_1.3.32_rc1.msiRelease candidate is superseded by ver 1.3.32 RC33.50
Moscore QM10/08/2015Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #251: NCQMA having issues connecting to Daktronics Pylonn scoreboard thru Signal converterTesting and verifying software output3.50
Moscore QM08/07/2014Walter PateDevelopment#232updated moscore source code and code gear package with indy1103.50
Moscore QM02/15/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #365: TVQMA can't get their HDD21 Scoreboard to activate after changing Club Initials to TVQMA (also updated to Gold Subscription)exported Windows Moscore-QM Register4.00
Moscore QM08/01/2017Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #358: Scoreboard options and multiple scoreboardsRace order broken in webscoreboard4.00
Moscore QM07/30/2017Walter PateDevelopmentBug #357: Qualifying times not displaying on scoreboards at Western GrandsAttempted to restore scoreboard4.00
Moscore QM03/29/2017Walter PateDevelopmentBug #323: in beta version update Subscription key could not be pasted to the populated subscription key field when there was an existing out of date keyuser error4.00
Moscore QM08/09/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #302: Customer can not start Mysqlcustomer changed computer4.00
Moscore QM02/02/2016Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #254: Moscore QM database server seems to lock up at times Cleaned up code formatting and moved the 'our of order sorting' code to the tranx receiver level. Needs tests.4.00
Moscore QM08/23/2014Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #61: HTML Help File updating for webserver and other missing topics script and video for help manual/ Export for Moscore.com4.00
Moscore QM05/04/2014Jamie PateDesign#192http://jsbin.com/ladozipu/12/watch?html,output4.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #162: Sql Error when selecting points seriesdid a redo onpointssetup in race editor4.00
Moscore QM04/22/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #185: Version 1.3.26 Releasefix Mysql my.INI not being created on win8.1 and version detection in full installer4.00
Moscore QM04/20/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #183: Replace/upgrade libvlcReplace libvlc with new lgpl version4.00
Moscore QM04/15/2014Jamie PateCustomer SupportBug #180: Moscore crashes during splash screen/now does not display after updatePhone support debugging issue.4.00
Moscore QM04/14/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #179: Installer doesn't install database properlyAdd command line options to moscore_qm to manage backup files. Add ability to create database from a blank backup file if database is missing. Update installer.4.00
Moscore QM05/08/2013Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #170: Moscore_data alwaystobackvalues_myd missing on installer 4.00
Moscore QM06/08/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #85: Can't Change Senior Transfers in Main In Format to 4 tested ok in version
Moscore QM06/08/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #104: Setting up mains brings exception errors in ver 1.3.19corrupt install4.00
Moscore QM02/29/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #57: parenting eventsetup to a panel causes ed_eventname to stop reacting to clicks4.00
Moscore QM04/30/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #377: Updating Moscore-QM on individual computers while networked caused connection issuesWorked with customer to resolve network4.50
Moscore QM09/23/2019Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #405: Little T scoreboard not showing correct output after replacing controller in HDD scoreboard Changed status to Feedback...The issue seems to be in the new scoreboard controllerand needs Media resources support5.00
Moscore QM02/14/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #365: TVQMA can't get their HDD21 Scoreboard to activate after changing Club Initials to TVQMA (also updated to Gold Subscription)Tuesday Feb 13 2018 Trying to test ver 1.3.495.00
Moscore QM08/08/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #302: Customer can not start MysqlCustomers mysql won't start5.00
Moscore QM07/10/2016Walter PateDevelopmentBug #293: actions in the race passings table do not reflect all the status changes and key presses (Clicks) that are happening during a raceChanges to race passings are necessary5.00
Moscore QM06/21/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #285: SCQMA wants to setup New Grands Formatthe request was studied5.00
Moscore QM07/24/2014Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #230: Customer database Table needs RepairFound issue for corrupt Format overview5.00
Moscore QM06/21/2014Walter PateDevelopmentRelease #220: Version 1.3.28 Releasetested at LQMA track with a Daktronics scoreboard5.00
Moscore QM06/08/2014Jamie PateDesign#216Create howto for writing grid generation tests.5.00
Moscore QM06/06/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #214: combine mains with maxcars +1 inverts wrongtested using existing databases5.00
Moscore QM05/29/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #180: Moscore crashes during splash screen/now does not display after updatechanged from crashes to does not display large splash5.00
Moscore QM04/27/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #191: Access violation when editing club keys (new release v1.3.26)further tests5.00
Moscore QM04/18/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #181: add tests for all formsload all forms and perform basic tests in 12+ digit member num5.00
Moscore QM04/17/2018Walter PateDevelopmentBug #371: Webserver not working properlyTESTSED ok IN VER 1_3_52 rc1 RELEASE5.50
Moscore QM07/17/2020Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #414: BQMRC can not generate their mainsBQMRC supplied more information and requested furter support6.00
Moscore QM04/17/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportBug #373: Unable to create a new race in the race editorTested OK in Ver 1_3_52_rc1.msi6.00
Moscore QM08/23/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #304: customer wants to change server computerTcp/Ip connection was blocked by customers anti virus software6.00
Moscore QM07/10/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #292: Missing race dataobserved at LQMA points race 4 July 96.00
Moscore QM06/08/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #288: Moscore_QM was reporting that it could not start because the server was not running (even though customer could access server from Sqledit )Found the issue was with Customer computer factory updates and Bios6.00
Moscore QM06/06/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #207: Novice races are assigned 9 cars in error when max plus 1 is usedtested with existing customer databases6.00
Moscore QM04/29/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #74: Moscore operating under USAC6.00
Moscore QM07/24/2021Walter PateDesignBug #428: Moscore Results not workingjamie massged website to allow results to update8.00
Moscore QM05/10/2021Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #423: GSQMRC needs updates and Overview for setting up their WebScoreboardWe need to generate and record notes on initial setup for the webscoreboard for our users8.00
Moscore QM02/14/2018Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #365: TVQMA can't get their HDD21 Scoreboard to activate after changing Club Initials to TVQMA (also updated to Gold Subscription)Feb 12 2018 Setting up Virtual machine to test TVQMA scoreboard issue8.00
Moscore QM06/06/2017Walter PateDevelopment#344Tested at WQMA club race8.00
Moscore QM08/13/2016Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #302: Customer can not start Mysqlworked with customer using teamviewer8.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Walter PateDevelopmentBug #143: windows 8 has newer version of vc++ 2010 redistributable which isn't detected by setuptested on several new versions8.00
Moscore QM04/15/2014Walter PateCustomer SupportBug #180: Moscore crashes during splash screen/now does not display after updatecustomer support on issue8.00

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