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Moscore QM07/24/2021Walter PateDesignBug #428: Moscore Results not workingjamie massged website to allow results to update8.00
Moscore QM11/20/2012Walter PateDesignSupport #133: US Customs border services refused entry to Maximum Overdrive Software Personaladded QMA National sales agreement10.00
Moscore QM08/15/2014Walter PateDevelopmentRelease #220: Version 1.3.28 Releasereplaced by issue 235, new version release10.00
Moscore QM04/12/2013Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #149: Trouble installing Moscore-QM and Mysql Filesspent time over several days resolving install issue15.00
Moscore QM05/12/2021Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #423: GSQMRC needs updates and Overview for setting up their WebScoreboardpart 1 of recommendations for customer on how to setup a Broadcast layout (like OBS Studio )15.00
Moscore QM11/20/2012Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #133: US Customs border services refused entry to Maximum Overdrive Software PersonalM.O.S.Co. is creating new sales agreements 24.00
Moscore QM06/22/2016Walter PateDevelopment#289Issues that arose and recommended fixes before final release 30.00
Moscore QM05/29/2014Walter PateCustomer SupportSupport #194: Customer could not generate racesfound solution34.00
Moscore QM02/06/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #138: Ghost installer program is not functioning properlyreplaced ghost installer with a different windows installer48.00

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