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Moscore QM06/03/2015Jamie PateDesignBug #252: Registration search engine sometimes leaves a blank search result 0.00
Moscore QM06/20/2014Jamie PateDesignRelease #220: Version 1.3.28 ReleasePackage and test installer.3.00
Moscore QM06/08/2014Jamie PateDesign#216Create howto for writing grid generation tests.5.00
Moscore QM05/04/2014Jamie PateDesign#192http://jsbin.com/ladozipu/12/watch?html,output4.00
Moscore QM05/03/2014Jamie PateDesign#192Research Delphi Chromium Embedded 31.00
Moscore QM07/24/2021Walter PateDesignBug #428: Moscore Results not workingjamie massged website to allow results to update8.00
Moscore QM07/24/2021Walter PateDesignBug #427: Website is downdoing a work around1.00
Moscore QM01/26/2015Walter PateDesignFeature #144: Garden State QMRC - Custom 8.5x11 40 Lap ScoresheetFollowing up with Customer to verify we should procede0.50
Moscore QM01/26/2015Walter PateDesignFeature #242: Judging ModuleFolowwing up on Customer request0.50
Moscore QM04/29/2014Walter PateDesignFeature #148: Qualifying lap countdown on scoreboardQuoted on issue 1850.50
Moscore QM04/29/2014Walter PateDesignFeature #146: 8+ lap scoring sheet for qualifyingQuoted on issue #1450.50
Moscore QM04/24/2014Walter PateDesignSupport #131: spam!Renamed web contacts 2.00
Moscore QM03/29/2013Walter PateDesignFeature #145: 8(n) lap scoring for qualifyingrequest for Quote0.50
Moscore QM01/27/2013Walter PateDesignSupport #132: web site column with is not showing properly (no catagory for web site on issue reports)Changed from Newto closed 0.50
Moscore QM01/27/2013Walter PateDesignSupport #132: web site column with is not showing properly (no catagory for web site on issue reports)changed tracker and added Website Maintenance as a catagory1.00
Moscore QM11/20/2012Walter PateDesignSupport #133: US Customs border services refused entry to Maximum Overdrive Software Personaladded QMA National sales agreement10.00
Moscore QM05/19/2014AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #148: Qualifying lap countdown on scoreboardLqma requests quote0.50
Moscore QM05/19/2014AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #147: Modify qualifying page to score 8 laps instead of 30.50
Moscore QM07/18/2017Emily Kao MessmerDevelopmentBug #351: Customer wants to know how to print Qualifying pages in orderQualifying Result Print Order ONLY looks at the default Class Order1.00
Moscore QM06/01/2017Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #325: Could Not convert Variant of type errorFixed member cancel logic1.00
Moscore QM02/15/2016Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #254: Moscore QM database server seems to lock up at times Implemented fix, tested with real data20.00
Moscore QM02/03/2016Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #254: Moscore QM database server seems to lock up at times Add dll exports for testing.3.00
Moscore QM02/02/2016Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #254: Moscore QM database server seems to lock up at times Cleaned up code formatting and moved the 'our of order sorting' code to the tranx receiver level. Needs tests.4.00
Moscore QM05/24/2015Jamie PateDevelopment#218Had to re-install the old server hdd to get the script.1.00
Moscore QM08/06/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #233: Invert N Unknown table 'Classes' in feild listFix the function that uses '' for a guard value.1.00
Moscore QM07/23/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #225: Switching between qualifying and heats 0.50
Moscore QM07/23/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #226: Clock causes board to constantly blink1.00
Moscore QM06/29/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #222: Scoreboard needs to add a space between qualifying number and lap time1.00
Moscore QM06/29/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #223: In qualifying mode the HDD scoreboard does not hold the display of lap timesDiagnose the issue. 2.00
Moscore QM06/21/2014Jamie PateDevelopment#192Add readme, set up build environment (gulp)2.00
Moscore QM06/20/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #221: Program pauses temporarily after clicking OK in tools/Options ...when equipped with Daktronics Matrix Displayreworked the logic so that the board will only be disconnected if the currently enabled board has it's specific feature removed.3.00
Moscore QM06/19/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #219: Race scoring scoresheet reloading is broken1.00
Moscore QM06/11/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #217: Version 1.3.27 ReleaseUpdating version of full installer and preparing rc22.00
Moscore QM06/10/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #217: Version 1.3.27 ReleaseSwitch out VC2010 redistributable in full installer with VC2012 redistributable3.00
Moscore QM06/10/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #213: Export for moscore.com doesn't support large member numbers1.00
Moscore QM06/09/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #217: Version 1.3.27 ReleaseMSIMassage to work with VS Express 20123.00
Moscore QM06/05/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #214: combine mains with maxcars +1 inverts wrong3.00
Moscore QM06/05/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #207: Novice races are assigned 9 cars in error when max plus 1 is used1.00
Moscore QM06/05/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #213: Export for moscore.com doesn't support large member numbersUpdate to save 64bit membernumbers.2.00
Moscore QM06/04/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #207: Novice races are assigned 9 cars in error when max plus 1 is usedFix error3.00
Moscore QM05/22/2014Jamie PateDevelopment#199Converted projects, seems ok, needs testing.2.00
Moscore QM04/28/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #191: Access violation when editing club keys (new release v1.3.26)2.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #190: Add automatic build step to re-build c++ bridge and copy .net dlls0.50
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #187: system date time error in race editor1.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #189: Member Search doesn't support big member numbers0.50
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #188: Race Editor: DragListView error messages.Added try/catch to prevent popups.1.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #185: Version 1.3.26 ReleaseTweak full installer to allow repair, prevent unnecessary reboots2.00
Moscore QM04/22/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #185: Version 1.3.26 Releasefix Mysql my.INI not being created on win8.1 and version detection in full installer4.00
Moscore QM04/21/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentRelease #185: Version 1.3.26 ReleaseRe-packaging installer1.00
Moscore QM04/20/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #183: Replace/upgrade libvlcUpdate installer with new libvcl.3.00

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