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Moscore QM06/03/2015Jamie PateDesignBug #252: Registration search engine sometimes leaves a blank search result 0.00
Moscore QM08/25/2021AnonymousCustomer SupportSupport #432: GSQMRC is having issues with their new computer not displaying 'Back of pack' and 'cars with Strike' in the new lineup generationWill add more details offer work0.00
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #64: show a list of all features in the options formtested0.10
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #78: version 1_3_15 print errorstested0.10
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #43: countdown timers can be set below 0 seconds0.25
Moscore QM04/24/2016Jamie PateCustomer Support#2840.25
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #42: race editor0.50
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #40: Qualifying number assignments-qualifying errors if Qnum is duplicated0.50
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #56: Inconsistant class order when printing Registration Quick Sheetcorrected 'order by' statement in frm_print.sql_batches.SQL from 'classorder' to 'qualifyorder'0.50
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #52: Temp member number randomly set a Zero numberfixed bugs with display of new member button, added validation check to make sure you don't save a member with membernum 0, changed random member number generation to start at 10.50
Moscore QM04/09/2012Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #70: When I try to start up moscore I get the 'database missing' popupWaiting callback from Stacey0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #70: When I try to start up moscore I get the 'database missing' popupRemoved mysqld-nt0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #75: Now allowed to Run 4 cars in QMAtested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #59: Add an expiry nag box to betatested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #53: transponder auto assign errortested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentFeature #64: show a list of all features in the options formtested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #65: Gold Subscription Keys not staying in the programtested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #74: Moscore operating under USACtested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #77: Class dropdown window in Qualifying mode is too narrowtested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #78: version 1_3_15 print errorstested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #79: Error when closing Moscore-QM ver 1_3_15unable to reproduce0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #63: Unable to Archive older racesArchive/unarchive feature not functioning properly0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #76: Auxilliary panels do not stay "Always On Top" when Qualifying window is open to full screentested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #60: custom feature keys were case sensitiveTested0.50
Moscore QM05/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #58: debug log saved to the wrong placetested0.50
Moscore QM05/26/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #85: Can't Change Senior Transfers in Main In Format to 4 tested and popup does occur0.50
Moscore QM06/08/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #99: Export for moscore.com does not worktested upload worked well0.50
Moscore QM06/08/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #94: Classes editor in format editor can behave eraticallyworks fine in new version0.50
Moscore QM06/08/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #81: Demo option not theretest ok now0.50
Moscore QM07/13/2012Walter PateDevelopmentRelease #105: Version 1.3.19 BETA releasereleased new Beta candidate0.50
Moscore QM07/30/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #123: Regular Lineup Sheets do not show last race participantshappens only with if there is an odd number for the last race0.50
Moscore QM08/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #121: umbrella bug for grands issuestested issue 30.50
Moscore QM08/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #123: Regular Lineup Sheets do not show last race participantsresolved for ver 1.3.21 release candidate0.50
Moscore QM08/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #122: re arrange controls on Qualifying pageresoved for ver 1.3.21 candidate0.50
Moscore QM08/02/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #125: edit races on ver 1.3.21 transfer button issuesthe get transfer buttons are not enabled in the fix 0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #127: data going missing whenthe window was closed with the red Xboxchanged to closed0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #128: the apply button should be closer to the race finish enteriestested ok no known issues0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #125: edit races on ver 1.3.21 transfer button issuesTOK NKI0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #88: Could not load file or assembly 'Devart.Data.MySql'TOK NKI0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #107: double enteries in regular lineup sheets (SCQMA)TOK NKI0.50
Moscore QM08/04/2012Walter PateDevelopmentBug #57: parenting eventsetup to a panel causes ed_eventname to stop reacting to clicksTOK NKI0.50
Moscore QM01/26/2013Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #39: when race is set to fastest to back,how should race numbers be assigned?this issue requires comments from club scorers0.50
Moscore QM01/26/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #49: event setup can be dragged when maximizedchanged to closed0.50
Moscore QM01/26/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #63: Unable to Archive older racesshould have been closed0.50
Moscore QM01/26/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #135: SQL error when unarchiving racescreated wrong see issue1360.50
Moscore QM01/26/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #117: Moscore crashes whe you try to Unarchivetrouble moved to issue 1360.50
Moscore QM01/27/2013Walter PateDesignSupport #132: web site column with is not showing properly (no catagory for web site on issue reports)Changed from Newto closed 0.50
Moscore QM03/29/2013Walter PateDesignFeature #145: 8(n) lap scoring for qualifyingrequest for Quote0.50
Moscore QM04/25/2013Walter PateCustomer SupportBug #152: Line up order placing drivers in wrong placeadded watchers0.50
Moscore QM04/25/2013Walter PateDevelopmentBug #155: event format editor can crash a format Added error file 0.50

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