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Moscore QM08/25/2021AnonymousCustomer SupportSupport #432: GSQMRC is having issues with their new computer not displaying 'Back of pack' and 'cars with Strike' in the new lineup generationWill add more details offer work0.00
Moscore QM05/19/2014AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #148: Qualifying lap countdown on scoreboardLqma requests quote0.50
Moscore QM05/19/2014AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #147: Modify qualifying page to score 8 laps instead of 30.50
Moscore QM07/18/2017Emily Kao MessmerDevelopmentBug #351: Customer wants to know how to print Qualifying pages in orderQualifying Result Print Order ONLY looks at the default Class Order1.00
Moscore QM06/03/2015Jamie PateDesignBug #252: Registration search engine sometimes leaves a blank search result 0.00
Moscore QM04/24/2016Jamie PateCustomer Support#2840.25
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #43: countdown timers can be set below 0 seconds0.25
Moscore QM07/23/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #225: Switching between qualifying and heats 0.50
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #190: Add automatic build step to re-build c++ bridge and copy .net dlls0.50
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #189: Member Search doesn't support big member numbers0.50
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #52: Temp member number randomly set a Zero numberfixed bugs with display of new member button, added validation check to make sure you don't save a member with membernum 0, changed random member number generation to start at 10.50
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #56: Inconsistant class order when printing Registration Quick Sheetcorrected 'order by' statement in frm_print.sql_batches.SQL from 'classorder' to 'qualifyorder'0.50
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #40: Qualifying number assignments-qualifying errors if Qnum is duplicated0.50
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #42: race editor0.50
Moscore QM06/01/2017Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #325: Could Not convert Variant of type errorFixed member cancel logic1.00
Moscore QM05/24/2015Jamie PateDevelopment#218Had to re-install the old server hdd to get the script.1.00
Moscore QM08/06/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #233: Invert N Unknown table 'Classes' in feild listFix the function that uses '' for a guard value.1.00
Moscore QM07/23/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #226: Clock causes board to constantly blink1.00
Moscore QM06/29/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #222: Scoreboard needs to add a space between qualifying number and lap time1.00
Moscore QM06/19/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #219: Race scoring scoresheet reloading is broken1.00
Moscore QM06/10/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #213: Export for moscore.com doesn't support large member numbers1.00
Moscore QM06/05/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #207: Novice races are assigned 9 cars in error when max plus 1 is used1.00
Moscore QM05/03/2014Jamie PateDesign#192Research Delphi Chromium Embedded 31.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #187: system date time error in race editor1.00
Moscore QM04/24/2014Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #188: Race Editor: DragListView error messages.Added try/catch to prevent popups.1.00

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