How To Add A Custom Feature Request

A Custom Feature Request is a Form (issue) that Redmine Users can generate themselves when they want to enhance their licensed version of Moscore-QM with their own custom addon.

To generate a Custom Feature Request you would first, sign in to
Choose the Project that you are working on, e.g. Moscore-QM
Choose New Issue
In New Issue you would fill the different boxes:

  • In the Tracker box, drop down and choose Feature
  • Fill out the Subject box with the topic you want to add
  • Fill in the Description Box with details of what your Custom Feature Request is all about
  • Set the Status (New)
  • Set the Priority (Normal)
  • set Assignee (Jamie Pate)
  • set Category choose Custom Feature
  • set Target version to Future
  • Files - add any image/PDF/screenshot of what you are expecting the custom feature to look like
    Then click on Create

Once a Custom Feature Request has been submitted, we will

  • Review The request
  • Make a plan for implementation, with estimated completion dates
  • Assign a cost for that feature
  • Add the User who requested the custom feature to a Watch List for the issue they created so they get updated status reports automatically at their email address.
    The plan synopsis and cost estimate will then be submitted to the user who created the Custom Feature Request for approval.
    Once the cost has been approved we will create an invoice and submit it to the Contact for payment.
    When we receive payment for that Custom Feature we will begin programming and Beta testing and issue it to the applicant when complete

Redmine Custom Features form.jpg (94.7 KB) Walter Pate, 10/12/2017 01:38 AM