Jamie Pate



Reported issues: 96


01:32 AM Moscore QM Bug #428 (Resolved): Moscore Results not working
I think i've resolved the issue with uploading results, you can now see the 7/21/2021 event has *race* results for th...


02:59 AM Moscore QM Bug #428: Moscore Results not working
Can you attach the mobz2 file so that i have something to test with?


09:53 PM Moscore QM Bug #429 (Rejected): can not sign into Moscore.com to create message that Results is down


07:13 PM Moscore QM Bug #422: unassigned transponder window can not be recovered after closing
The issue is that clicking in the wrong spot will undock the panel and turn it into an annoying window that the user ...


02:52 AM Moscore QM Support #407: Web server not open properly
You should be able to select an alternate port for the web server in the moscore settings. You may also be able to re...


07:05 PM Moscore QM Support #406: customer is getting UE error with the Devart data MySQL file
User should re-run the latest *full* installer from moscore.com


04:23 AM Moscore QM Bug #325 (Resolved): Could Not convert Variant of type error


08:04 PM Moscore QM Feature #393 (New): Rewrite race scoring
Rewrite race scoring in c#


05:44 PM Moscore QM Bug #331 (Resolved): Correct lead car may have messed up racing order
The new solution for correcting lead cars should help with this problem.
Instead of a popup where the user needs to ...


05:34 PM Moscore QM Bug #392 (Resolved): Unable to return to yellow or green after a checkered flag

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