Tracy Pavel



Reported issues: 5


08:17 AM Moscore QM Bug #109 (Rejected): Carsstill remianing in the lineup after they have received 3 charged yellows
Cars that have received 3 charged yellows and are marked accordingly reappear in the lineup once the green flag is cl...


06:32 PM Moscore QM Feature #75 (Closed): Now allowed to Run 4 cars in QMA
See attached posting from QMA to allow drivers to run 4 quarter midgets and a Half at all events including Local, Reg...
06:26 PM Moscore QM Bug #74 (Closed): Moscore operating under USAC
Used version 1.3.13 this week and all of the programing was based on USAC rules. Not able to switch to QMA.


03:02 PM Moscore QM Bug #65 (Closed): Gold Subscription Keys not staying in the program
When you enter the key it activates the program and subscription but after you close and re-open the key is not held ...


03:39 PM Moscore QM Bug #63 (Closed): Unable to Archive older races
When trying to archive older races I receive the following error
SQL Error:Not unique table/alias:'raceregistration'

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